Why are some plants so popular?

Some plants are so popular that the horticulture industry has quite a task to keep up with demand. Leylandii is the obvious example.

Why is Leylandii so popular?

There are a number of reasons:

  1. Leylandii is extremely quick growing.
  2. It is evergreen, so will make an all year round screen.
  3. Us British crave privacy in our garden.
  4. It’s very easy to establish Leylandii. Green fingers are not required.

However, Leylandii now has some rivals that not only tick all these boxes but a couple more to boot. Photinia Red Robin is one such plant.


Photinia and Leylandii foliage
Photinia (left) and Leylandii foliage


Leylandii v’s Photinia

Photinia is also quick growing and evergreen, however it has a bright red flush of growth in the spring, is easier to control, and suffers very few disease problems.

Leylandii roots can become a problem if the trees become huge and out of proportion with surrounding buildings. Not to mention the possibility of subsidence if some huge specimens suck up all the moisture in the surrounding area. Photinia will only make 5 metres when mature, just right for screening and much easier for maintenance access. When Tree surgeons are required to reduce huge leylandii trees, the householder often finds it has a draining affect on their bank balance!

Having said all this, despite so much bad publicity, the evergreen conifer marches on with ever increasing sales despite the alternatives. The by product of this continuing popularity is a huge habitat for wildlife, a fact that is often overlooked by the general public.

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