Plants that can tolerate drier conditions

A fresh wave of British Summer sun has meant watering your garden is now more important than ever, which is often difficult without an elaborate system of timers and pipes for irrigation.

Here we detail some of the best plants that can cope with lower levels of water that are available in the King and Co Tree Nursery in Essex.


Abelia x Grandiflora Prostrata


Abelia x Grandiflora Prostrata foliage
Abelia x Grandiflora Prostrata


This Abelia has glossy green leaves, producing fragrant, pink marbled white flowers in the summer. Abelia x Grandiflora Prostrata is best used to provide ground cover and Summer flowers to your garden. This Abelia is relatively slow growing, but can reach up to 4 meters in both height and spread when mature. King and Co recommends light pruning.


Lavender Angustifolia – English Lavender


English Lavender in flower
English Lavender, Lavender angustifolia


Similar to Abelia,English Lavender again provides colour, fragrance and flower to any garden. Lavender produces violet/purple flowers which attract insects and aromatic oils. Lavender is most often planted around the edges of walkways or beds.


Hebe Pinguifolia ‘Sutherlandii’


Hebe pinguifolia Sutherland foliage
Hebe pinguifolia Sutherlandii


Hebe Pinguifolio ‘Sutherlandii’ is a rounded evergreen shrub with small grey-green, oval leaves. In late Spring, Hebe produces a mass of small white flower spikes. Hebe serves as an excellent plant for ground cover, reaching a mature spread of 90 centimetres.


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