Photinia trees used as a cost effective natural screen to block view of unsightly factory

One of our recent installations concerned a customer whose view from the rear garden was suddenly eroded by the rapid construction of the factory building.

Overlooked garded
Before the Installation of Photinia Trees – Factory building is visible over fence


We were asked to provide some screening trees that would block the view all year round, to alleviate the problem. As there were only limited funds available we advised that some smaller sized Photinia red robin standard trees would be ideal. Whilst not providing 100% cover on planting, another season’s growth would be sufficient to completely obscure the offending building. This provided a significant cost saving at the outset. You can see from the picture how effective the Photinia trees were.


Photinia Screening Trees
Photinia Screening Trees – Blocking unsightly factory overlooking garden


If you are thinking about using Photinia as a screening tree, read our Photinia Planting Guide for more information.