Native trees for your garden

Trees that are native to the British Isles are often deemed desirable because they are in keeping with our countryside backdrop and help to support important flora and fauna that depend on them.

Oak and Beech, close up of foliage.
Native trees: Oak (left) Hornbeam (right)

There are native trees to suit every situation and soil. Some are suitable to plant in your garden, although some, due to their eventual size and moisture requirement are not.

Native trees for small gardens

Native trees for large gardens

It should be noted that some of the above can be gown as hedges, such as Hornbeam and Beech and will therefore be suitable for smaller gardens.

The English Oak (quercus robur) is perhaps the most important of all native trees. A valuable source of hardwood timber, oak provides a habitat for hundreds off insect species, whilst flowers and buds are the stable diet of hairstreak butterflies. Oak trees also encourage bat species, woodpeckers and many other birds, the rotting leaves at ground level support a long list of invertebrates.

Hornbeam is another very important native tree. An important component of native woodland in the UK, it will grow to around 20m. It too, is an important source of hardwood timber, and it’s longevity in woodlands was increased by periodic coppicing. Hornbeam will thrive on clay soils, which is why we recommend them in preference to Beech when planting in Essex.

Selecting the correct native tree for your particular situation can be tricky. We will be pleased to advise you on this: Get In Touch