King and Co’s 2019 Update

Now that Christmas is fading into the distance, a reminder that there is no time to lose with bareroot plantings. Remember to account for the lead time required for obtaining all your plants and accessories.

January is the optimum time for this job as the plants are still fully dormant and the risk of losses is minimal. You can also try to aim for a ‘weather window’ when drying winds and frost make planting conditions more favorable at this time of year. As the season lengthens the manufacturers of tree protection products will quote longer and longer lead times for delivery and it is so easy to be caught with all the plants ready to go but nothing in the way of tree shelters or rabbit guards due to shortages.

Spiral Guards

Tree stakes are also limited in supply as most are imported from places such as Latvia and arrive by boat at irregular intervals. Getting the correct sizes for your protection products will be less likely as the season gets longer. Additionally, the earlier your plants arrive in the soil, the longer they have to absorb moisture and nutrients ready for the huge effort required at springtime. Finally, if you know your requirements let us know and we will reserve everything for you until you’re ready to go.

Bamboo Canes

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Shopping Online

You can buy trees, hedging, screening trees, shrubs and topiary online by browsing our website. If you do not see a plant or size that is suitable for you then please call as we stock a wide variety of plants in our tree nursery. It’s worth noting that many other websites sell other people’s stock (i.e. they act as an agent) so you cannot view the products at their own site. At King & Co, all of our advertised plants are available for viewing at our tree nursery in Rayne, near Braintree, situated just over an hours drive out of London. Our knowledgeable and experienced tree nursery staff is always contactable via phone on 01376 340469 or if you have any questions regarding any of our trees or accessories. If you cannot see what you require on our website, please complete the enquiry form. We will give it our urgent attention and will get back to you shortly with a solution that meets your needs.