Choosing a memorial tree

Over the years we have been asked on many occasions to suggest a suitable specimen tree as a memorial to a loved one.

Planting a tree as an act of remembrance can be very comforting and provide a lasting location to visit for some quiet contemplation. Where does one start on this process? Obviously, it would be nice to plant a type of tree that was particularly liked by that person. However, some trees are prone to diseases and can be quite short lived as a result. We would have to consider the intended location aswell. Different trees thrive in different environments so this is particularly important. Generally speaking, we would advise you to select a tree that is likely to provide longevity. You may also consider a tree that is Native to the British Isles as particularly appropriate. Considering all these points, we would usually use Oak, Hornbeam, Holly or even Magnolia as very suitable, although we always want to listen to your particular preferences.

Single memorial tree with uk countryside landscape behind
A memorial tree can be very comforting and provide a lasting location for quiet contemplation.

Memorial trees are so important to you that we will always advise letting us carry out the installation to give your tree the very best chance. This may include the use of a deer guard together with a well designed irrigation device that is incorporated in the tree pit. Irrigation is the single most important thing to consider post installation. Your newly planted tree will require watering at least three times per week throughout the first growing season and after that only during periods of severe drought. Most of our trees have a slow release fertiliser incorporated into the growing medium to take them through the first six months.

We are always mindful that you and your family/friends have suffered a great loss and try to accommodate you with care and attention.