Top 10 Trees for Winter Interest – Part Two

As we enter the winter months, it is important to ensure that your garden holds interest when other species defoliate. Here we detail the second half of our two-part article.

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Pinus Wallichiana

The Bhutan pine. Garden designers will be searching for texture, contrast, form and reliability if they are worth their salt. This tree will create all these things in your garden and could be the final piece of your jigsaw. Long, weeping needles which give this conifer a texture and graceful feel. A great tree to complete our top ten winter interest.

Pine tree and foliage.
2.5 metre tall Pinus Wallichiana, otherwise known as Bhutan Pine.

Acer Palmatum Sango-kaku.

There are many, many Japanese maples to choose from that produce a stunning display of autumn colour and choosing one is never easy. However, with this little tree you can have the best of both worlds. A gorgeous display of bright orange autumn leaf colour later revealing its coral bark coloured stems.

Betula Nigra

The River Birch is not a familiar tree to most people. It will therefore come as a surprise to see it included in this list. As its name suggests, it does prefer a wetter area in the garden, but this can be an advantage where drainage is an issue as it will tolerate some waterlogging. Its shaggy, peeling bark is desirable in the winter garden. Can be purchased as a standard tree or as a multi stem.

Ilex “Nellie R Stevens”

Why include this holly ahead of the native Ilex aquifolium? Unlike the latter, Nellie R Stevens will produce a reliable crop of red berries to give you a yuletide greeting in December. The birds will also favour your garden because of this valuable food supply and you have introduced an evergreen element that may be valuable for screening purposes in winter. Ticks all the boxes!

Berries and leaves.
The berries of Ilex Nellie Stevens.

Acer Davidii

You may not have heard of The Snake bark Maple, but it is becoming very much more desirable as it becomes freely available in UK tree nurseries. Green bark with white stripes that ascend throughout the tree, this is one of the most notable types. Serrated leaves that turn orange/red in the autumn. Produces miniature small yellow flowers in springtime.

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