Top 10 Trees for Winter Interest – Part One

As we enter the winter months, it is important to ensure that your garden holds interest when other species defoliate. Here we detail ten of our top winter interest trees.

Prunus Serrula

The Tibetan cherry with its glass like coppery red bark, is a must for any garden seeking all year round appeal. A small deciduous tree with pale pink/white flowers, it tolerates most soils and prefers a sunny position. A most rewarding specimen without the disease susceptibility of some other Prunus. View our range of Tibetan cherry trees here.

Multistem cherry trees and shrubs.
Prunus serrula Tibetica Multistems, which are 2.25-2.5 metres in height.

Prunus Subhirtella autumnalis

A most remarkable autumn/winter flowering cherry. Goes on and on producing small white, pink tinged flowers throughout the winter months. Such a welcome sight in those long dark winter months! A smallish tree with a spreading head that gives it an almost statesmanlike quality. Be sure to add this to your winter list. View our range of Winter-flowering Cherry trees here.

Picea Pungens

Why have a green Spruce when you can have a blue specimen. Picea Pungens will reward you right through the winter with its blue coloured needles and conical habit. Forms and shapes like this add character to any garden. This tree has established on some very poor soils in the past and is not at all fussy in that regard. A very hardy tree owing to its Colorado origin. King and Co are currently stocking Blue Spruce.

Betula Utilis

The Himalayan birch has become one of the most popular amenity trees in the UK. Stunning white bark and sometimes planted in groups to great effect. A smallish tree that will be at home in most gardens, with its upright compact habit, this tree tolerates many different soil types. Can be supplied as a standard tree or as a multistem. View our introductory article on Silver Birch here.

A silver Birch stem.
The stem from a mature Betula utilis.

Acer Griseum

One of the most notable small trees anywhere in the world this Chinese specimen is noted for its distinctive orange/red flaking bark. Giseum produces small yellow flowers in the spring and a spectacular autumnal showing later in the year. Do not leave this gracious little tree out of your selection.

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