Professional topiary!

Why not add some dimension to your garden with our selection of smaller topiary?

At King & Co, we house a host of topiary tree and plant products. Be it aromatic evergreen foliage or green foliage with golden yellow tips or dark spiky glossy green leaves, we stock it all. All of these can be viewed in our topiary section. We can ship our stock of topiary nationwide – next day, from as little as £12.50! View our delivery terms here.

Box (Buxus Sempervirens)
The bushy common Box has glossy dark green leaves and is evergreen. It tolerates tight clipping, so is great for small formal hedges. Also used to form topiary shapes to bring an added dimension to any garden. A slow growing shrub with small yellow flowers in spring, followed by green/brown fruits in summer. Best trimmed in the growing season, between May and September.

topiary balls
A selection of Buxus sempervirens, Common and variegated Box balls.

Buxus sempervirens Elegantissima – Variegated Box
Elegantissima is an extremely attractive variegated form of the more common green box, it is an evergreen shrub with dense foliage and its dark-green leaves are edged with irregular white margins. Particularly suited to topiary use.

Buxus sempervirens, common box cones and variegated box balls.

Box leaved Holly (Ilex Crenata)

Box leaved Holly is an excellent alternative to Box, not only is it almost identical in appearance, with its tiny glossy leaves. It is also resistant to Box blight and regenerates from old wood. It tolerates being planted in colder areas. Slow growing only needing light or occasional trimming. Ilex Crenata is used for creating our cloud trees. This Japanese method of pruning trees to resemble clouds is a fantastic feature in any garden.

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