Our new British-grown evergreen stock : Portuguese Laurel and Photinia Red Robin

We are delighted with our latest British-grown stock, including Photinia and Portuguese laurel.

King & Co take pride in offering British-grown Evergreen stock, here are three products that we have recently stocked; ready to deliver and ready to plant.

Prunus lusitanica – Portuguese Laurel standard trees

Prunus lusitanica, Portuguese laurel can be grown in tree and shrub form, meaning it can be used to create an attractive hedge or as stand alone screening tree.

Portuguese laurel trees hold dark green glossy leaves, which emerge from purple tinted young stems complemented by clusters of small white flowers in Spring. Growing to a height around 6-8m when mature, these standard Portuguese Laurel are Ideal for screening and creating privacy along a boundary fence line in gardens. The dense growth lends itself well to being clipped annually which will produce a solid neat finish if required.

Prunus Lusitanica - Portuguese Laurel screening trees, 6-8cm girth tree (Left) 8-10cm girth tree (right)
Prunus Lusitanica – Portuguese Laurel trees, 6-8cm girth tree (Left) 8-10cm girth tree (right)

The two sizes we currently have available are a younger 6-8cm girth size with an overall height of around 2.5-2.75m, and a slightly more mature 8-10cm girth tree with an overall height of around 2.75-3m.

Cherry Laurel and Portuguese Laurel Information Video

Photinia Red Robin Hedging Plants

Photinia has dark glossy green leaves and brilliant red young growths and has become popular for its stunning foliage, red leaves that appear on newly formed shoots. New red leaves will grow with regular pruning. Flowers on Photinia will appear frequently on large established plants and do not require regular pruning.

Photinia red robin hedging plants
Photinia Red Robin hedging plants, 80-100cm tall.

Pruning your Photinia hedge throughout the year will help to encourage the red foliage. Prune back after the foliage has faded to a dull bronze. This will ensure further new shoots of growth. Red Robin hedges can be pruned into a formal shape which makes it ideal for a spectacular colourful hedge. Photinia hedges will grow in a wide range of soils and the roots are not very invasive, but they do not like being grown in very heavy clay soil.

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