Brexit and how it affects us

There is much confusion around Brexit where trees and plants are concerned.

The fact is that the UK exports very few of its plant produce to the EU. But, yes we do import a good deal of certain trees and plants, so does it pose a problem? Recently, we have been talking to DEFRA and have been quite reassured by what we’ve heard. As the UK will be in the same position post-Brexit as we are now, it does seem that nothing much will change.

Trucks will continue into the country as they do now with the same number of checks and possibly enhanced phytosanitary documentation. However, DEFRA has recently employed many more plant health inspectors to ensure a smooth transition. We already closely monitor species that we know can carry diseases present in EU countries, for example, Olives, that can carry Xyella Fastidiosa into this country. King and Co have decided not to import any more Olives, Figs and many other plants like this, to avoid any risk of exposure to our customers. So, when March 29th arrives we expect to proceed as normal.

Our latest products:


Large potted rootball Pines available now. We have a selection of both Scots and Austrian Pines which have been locally grown and now lifted and potted ready for sale. These range from 2-2.25m tall up to 3.5-4m tall and cost from £205-£365 each. These can be delivered locally by us but due to their size and weight deliveries to less local areas will require unloading arranged by the customer with machinery to lift the tree from the delivery vehicle.


These Pleached Laurel trees have an approx. 1.8m clear stem with the branches tied into a bamboo frame 1.5m wide and 1.25m tall and are the ideal way to screen above a fence and fast growing Laurel will fill the frames quickly to give full coverage.

Prunus laurocerasus (Cherry Laurel tree ) is a large glossy leaved evergreen tree which is very fast growing. Cherry Laurel will make a very dense screen becoming thicker the more it is clipped. This very tough plant has masses of small white fragrant flowers produced in upright racemes in spring followed by small fruits in autumn.

Shopping Online

You can buy trees, hedging, screening trees, shrubs and topiary online by browsing our website. If you do not see a plant or size that is suitable for you then please call as we stock a wide variety of plants in our tree nursery. It’s worth noting that many other websites sell other people’s stock (i.e. they act as an agent) so you cannot view the products at their own site. At King & Co, all of our advertised plants are available for viewing at our tree nursery in Rayne, near Braintree, situated just over an hours drive out of London. Our knowledgeable and experienced tree nursery staff is always contactable via phone on 01376 340469 or if you have any questions regarding any of our trees or accessories. If you cannot see what you require on our website, please complete the enquiry form. We will give it our urgent attention and will get back to you shortly with a solution that meets your needs.