Bareroot season is underway for 2015/16

Plants are being lifted from the ground and our bareroot trees, shrubs and hedge plants are now in stock.

Now is the time to get your hedge planted, making the most of the saving made by purchasing ‘bareroot’. With no heavy soil to transport, delivery costs are much cheaper meaning you can make the most of our overnight delivery straight to your door. You can afford to be generous with your planting when you buy bareroot, you can buy more plants, or bigger plants, meaning your hedge will provide the screening you need much quicker. 

A selection of bareroot plants
A selection of bareroot tree, shrub and hedge plants.

Bareroot trees offer even greater value for money. Large trees can be expensive to transport and awkward for you to collect. Purchasing trees during bareroot season (Nov – March) makes life much easier when it comes to planting as the plants are much easier to manoeuvre around your garden.  Plant them now so they’re well established ready for spring/summer.

Not all plants are suited to bareroot planting. Photinia for example must retain soil around the root structure.

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