Fig Trees (Ficus)

Fig Trees (Ficus)

Ficus carica (Fig Tree) Brown Turkey, is a hardy tree that will produce an abundance of tasty fruit. Fig trees can supply you with a great alternative fruit and will give a great ornamental display with their large palmate leaves which is worth growing them for alone.

We only supply one variety of Fig tree, which you can purchase below, and recommend it is placed into a sheltered and sunny site where it will grow happily.

Fruiting is aided by restricting the root growth by either growing in a large pot or by lining the planting hole with a root restraint which channels the energy into the top of the tree and will increase yield and size of the fruits.

Why not try something different  and give a fig tree a go?

Ficus carica - Fig 'Brown Turkey' tree 10/12cm girth

A very reliable and popular variety of fig, purple fruit have a rich sweet flavo ...

£58.80 Includes VAT

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