Bare Root

Bare Root

We stock so many types of bare root hedging plants and bare root trees; it is difficult to list them all. If you cannot find what you are looking to buy please get in touch through our contact page, and we will try to help. Using bare root plants, although only available when dormant, (November to March) is incredibly cheaper than using container grown material.

It is important to ensure the roots are not exposed to the sun or drying winds between lifting in the nursery and planting on site. For these reasons please keep your bare root hedging plants in the box or bag when planting out. We would recommend planting at 5 per metre in a double staggered row, and be sure to ‘heel them in’ tightly to ensure good root to soil contact!

Bare root hedges and bare root trees - buy from November to March each year

So what do we mean in the nursery industry when we say ‘bare root’? We mean hedging or trees that have been grown in a field and then lifted when dormant for planting out into hedges by our customers.

Why do we do this? Because the alternative method of growing in containers is much more costly and not always necessary. Bare root trees and garden hedging plants are quite happy to be transplanted in this way as long as a few simple rules are remembered. Do not expose the roots to long periods of sunlight or drying winds. Keep them away from heat and in a frost free building or vehicle between lifting and replanting. We refer to these plants as hardy. Plants such as Hawthorn, Field Maple, Dog Rose, Dogwood and Hazel can all be handled in this way. So, instead of paying several pounds for a container grown tree or hedging plant, King & Co can provide bare root plants for a few pence each!

The key to successful establishment of bare root plants is the ‘heeling in’ when planting. Great care should be taken to ensure the hedging is heeled in tight to obtain good root/soil contact. Also ensure that the soil is well prepared before planting to enable the roots to find oxygen and ensure the drainage is adequate. Hedges that stand in water during wet periods will always decline and quite often die.

After your bare root hedge has been established for a couple of seasons you may want to cut the tops back by around a third of the total height. This will encourage your hedging to bush out and become much thicker.

All in all, probably the best and most cost effective method of establishing a native hedge that may live in your garden for several centuries!

We can supply various mixtures of hedging, or recommend the correct species for you. Plants can be despatched overnight to ensure you receive them 'nursery fresh'.

How to plant a bare root hedge

Establishing a bare root hedge in your garden may seem daunting to the uninitiated, but by following a few simple rules, success is nearly always guaranteed.

1 - If you don't intend to set the hedge immediately upon arrival, store the plants in a cool, frost free shed or garage.

2 - When planting out, do not remove the hedging plants from the box or bag. Exposure to sun or drying winds may lead to root desiccation and eventual failure.

3 - Do not dig huge planting pits that require laborious backfilling. If the soil is reasonably good, use the notch planting technique. Push your spade 4-6'' into the ground,open up a wide slit and place the root in at the nursery soil mark.

4 - Be sure to 'heel in' very tight. This is most important to ensure good root/soil contact. After heeling in, you should have to tug the plant quite hard to remove it.

5 - After completion of planting, mulch the hedge with either; plastic, woodchips or similar to trap moisture in, and prevent growth of weed competition.

You can buy Bare Root hedging plants and Bare Root trees online from our selection below. If you do not see the bare root plants for sale that you require then please contact us.

Please note: The bare root season is from November to March. Please call us on 01376 340469 for further information

Abies nordmanniana - Nordmann fir Bare Root Plants

Abies nordmanniana is one of the most attractive fir trees around, and is more c ...

£49.00 Includes VAT

Acer campestre - Field Maple Bare Root Plants

Acer campestre, or Field Maple, is deciduous and one of our toughest native hedg ...

£13.25 Includes VAT

Acer platanoides – Norway Maple Bare Root Plants

A native tree of Norway and Europe. Acer platanoides or the Norway Maple is a ve ...

£13.25 Includes VAT

Acer pseudoplatanus - Sycamore Bare Root Plants

Acer pseudoplatanus is a deciduous, tough and fast growing tree with a spreading ...

£13.25 Includes VAT

Acer saccharinum - Silver Maple Bare Root Plants

Acer saccharinum. A fast growing tree, often with pendent branches. Sharply toot ...

£25.50 Includes VAT

Aesculus hippocastanum – Horse Chestnut Bare Root Plants

Aesculus hippocastanum. A very large majestic tree introduced to England as far ...

£72.00 Includes VAT

Alnus cordata – Italian Alder Bare Root Plants

Italian Alder , a  fast growing tree particularly  suited to moist soi ...

£13.25 Includes VAT

Alnus glutinosa – Common Alder Bare Root Plants

Alnus glutinosa is a native tree. It has quite an upright habit particularly use ...

£13.25 Includes VAT

Alnus incana – Grey Alder Bare Root Plants

Alnus incana,  a smaller with a more rounded crown. This tree is extremely ...

£21.00 Includes VAT

Betula pendula - Silver Birch Bare Root Plants

Betula pendula, a well known tree with slightly pendulous weeping and a slender ...

£16.50 Includes VAT

Carpinus betulus – Hornbeam Bare Root Plants

Carpinus betulus is widely planted in this country. Its full form is often used ...

£22.50 Includes VAT

Conservation Mix Hedging Plants Packs (40-60cm bare root)

This conservation hedging pack creates a traditional and native country hedge th ...

£23.70 Includes VAT

Cornus alba Siberica - Siberian Dogwood Bare Root Plants

Cornus alba Dogwood is a vigorous deciduous, upright shrub with oval mid to dark ...

£33.00 Includes VAT

Cornus Sanguinea - Common Dogwood Bare Root Plants

Cornus Sanguinea , is found in most British hedgerows and is used to provide all ...

£16.50 Includes VAT

Cornus Stolonifera Flaviramea - Yellow Dogwood Bare Root Plants

Yellow Dogwood is a vigorous shrub / small tree with flowers in spring, with gre ...

£33.00 Includes VAT

Corylus Avellana - Hazel Bare Root Plants

Corylus Avellana or Hazel is another very common site in British hedgerows and i ...

£18.00 Includes VAT

Crataegus monogyna – Hawthorn Bare Root Plants

Common Hawthorn, also known as Quickthorn or May Blossom, is a fast growing deci ...

£11.50 Includes VAT

Euonymus europaeus - Spindleberry Bare Root Plants

Euonymus europaeus or Spindle is a great plant for autumn interest, as its red f ...

£15.00 Includes VAT

Fagus sylvatica - Green Beech Bare Root Plants

Green Beech or Fagus  sylvatica , has  leaves emerge a silky haired pa ...

£21.00 Includes VAT

Fagus sylvatica Purpurea - Purple Beech Bare Root Plants

Purple Beech is similar to Common Beech in nearly all aspects, but with beautifu ...

£49.50 Includes VAT

Hippophae Rhamnoides - Sea Buckthorn Bare Root Plants

Hippophae Rhamnoides or Sea Buckthorn is a great choice for planting in a tough, ...

£22.50 Includes VAT

Juglans regia – Common Walnut Bare Root Plants

Juglans regia, a spreading tree, has have furrowed grey bark, and green serrated ...

£99.00 Includes VAT

King and Co Gift Voucher

For use at King and Co the Tree Nursery, a perfect gift idea for a birthday, wed ...

£25.00 Includes VAT

Larix decidua - European Larch Bare Root Plants

Larix decidua, a large deciduous conifer, it has soft, green needles which turn ...

£25.50 Includes VAT

Ligustrum vulgare - Common Privet Bare Root Plants

Ligustrum vulgare, also known as Common Privet, is a very easy to grow evergreen ...

£22.50 Includes VAT

Malus sylvestris - Wild Crab Bare Root Plants

Malus sylvestris or Wild Crab Apple is a small tree often found in hedgerows aro ...

£18.00 Includes VAT

Native Hedging Plants Packs (40-60cm bare root)

Our mixed native hedging pack consists of hedging plants that occur in most hedg ...

£35.58 Includes VAT

Picea abies - Norway Spruce Bare Root Plants

Picea Abies or Norway Spruce is a large, evergreen fir tree that is more commonl ...

£24.00 Includes VAT

Pinus nigra - Austrian Pine Bare Root Plants

Pinus Nigra is a very tough, large pine tree with a dense covering of stiff dark ...

£24.00 Includes VAT

Pinus sylvestris - Scots Pine Bare Root Plants

Pinus sylvestris is our native pine, it is a large tree with a broad conical sha ...

£24.00 Includes VAT

Populus alba - White Poplar Bare Root Plants

A large, fast growing, deciduous tree with a rounded crown of vivid foliage that ...

£24.00 Includes VAT

Populus tremula - Aspen Bare Root Plants

Populus tremula is a medium to large deciduous tree that has a spherical crown. ...

£24.00 Includes VAT

Prunus avium - Wild Cherry Bare Root Plants

Prunus avium is a native tree with an upright to spreading, deciduous tree with ...

£18.00 Includes VAT

Prunus padus - Bird Cherry Bare Root Plants

Prunus padus, here as young bare root plants, is one of our native trees which i ...

£18.00 Includes VAT

Prunus spinosa – Blackthorn Bare Root Plants

Prunus spinosa is a small tree with a dense rounded crown which is ideal for gro ...

£12.00 Includes VAT

Pyrus communis – Common Pear Bare Root Plants

Pyrus Communis is a medium size tree with a pyramidal to columnar crown that pro ...

£60.00 Includes VAT

Quercus robur - English Oak Tree Bare Root Plants

Quercus robur is a very majestic native tree found in lowland woodland across th ...

£16.50 Includes VAT

Quercus rubra - Red Oak Tree Bare Root Plants

Quercus rubra is a magnificent, relatively fast growing tree, with a straight ma ...

£16.50 Includes VAT

Rhamnus cathartica – Common Buckthorn Bare Root Plants

Rhamnus Cathartica is a great choice for a difficult situation as it is a very t ...

£21.00 Includes VAT

Rhamnus frangula – Alder Buckthorn Bare Root Plants

Rhamnus frangula is a large, bushy shrub with dark green, glossy leaves that tur ...

£21.00 Includes VAT

Rosa arvensis – Field Rose Bare Root Plants

Rosa arvensis is very similar to the common dog rose, but with a white flower in ...

£22.50 Includes VAT

Rosa canina - Dog Rose Bare Root Plants

Rosa canina or Dogrose is fast growing, native rose plant that is a common sight ...

£15.00 Includes VAT

Rosa rugosa – Ramanus Rose Bare Root Plants

Rosa rugosa or Ramanus rose is a vigorous dense rose with very prickly stems, da ...

£22.50 Includes VAT

Salix alba - White Willow Bare Root Plants

Salix alba or White Willow is a quick growing, native tree of diverse habit that ...

£22.50 Includes VAT

Salix Caprea - Goat Willow Bare Root Plants

Salix Caprea is a very tough, small willow that is easy to grow and copes well o ...

£22.50 Includes VAT

Salix cinerea – Grey Willow Bare Root Plants

Salix cinerea or Grey Willow is a large shrub or small tree that is suitable for ...

£22.50 Includes VAT

Salix viminalis – Common Osier Willow Bare Root Plants

Salix viminalis or Osier is a very fast growing willow that is more commonly a s ...

£22.50 Includes VAT

Sorbus aria - Common Whitebeam Bare Root Plants

Common Whitebeam is a small, rounded native tree that copes well on polluted, sa ...

£27.00 Includes VAT

Sorbus aucuparia - Rowan/Mountain Ash Bare Root Plants

Sorbus aucuparia is one of our native trees which is a very tough and versatile ...

£19.50 Includes VAT

Symphoricarpos albus – Snowberry Bare Root Plants

Snowberry or Symphoricarpos albus is a small dense shrub, part of the Honey suck ...

£21.00 Includes VAT

Tilia cordata - Small-leaved Lime Bare Root Plants

Tilia cordata is one of our oldest native trees and can be found growing in many ...

£19.50 Includes VAT

Tilia platyphyllos - Large-leaved Lime Bare Root Plants

Broad leaf lime or Tilia platyphyllos a large, vigorous tree . The large leaves ...

£19.50 Includes VAT

Viburnum lantana - Wayfaring Bare Root Plants

Viburnum Lantana or Wayfairing tree is a medium sized, bushy shrub that is highl ...

£24.00 Includes VAT

Viburnum opulus - Guelder Rose Bare Root Plants

Viburnum opulus or Guelder Rose is a large, deciduous, native shrub that is at h ...

£24.00 Includes VAT

Wildlife Friendly Hedging Plants Mix (40-60cm) bare root

Hedgerows are of particular importance to the conservation of many birds and mam ...

£42.00 Includes VAT

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